We say “Home Sweet Home” why?  because home is where our heart is. Every woman loves to decorate their home with beautiful and creative ideas. So here we are giving you 5 of the topmost pocket-friendly home decor ideas of 2020

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are back in trend, oriented from Japanese designer Isamu Noguchi. Choose a
white or bright color paper lantern to hang in your living room. This will a cooling effect in summers. Not only this, but you can also decorate them with pressed flowers. Firstly, make sure that flowers are completely dry, take a good quality glue and paste them on Paper Lantern to give a colorful effect. Such a pocket-friendly idea of the home decoration isn’t it?

Mix and Match your sheet lining

Rather than spending a hefty amount of money on bedsheets, you can go for a cheaper and fresh-
looking option. You can buy linen separately (on sale) and then mix and match the pattern. Not only you will save money but using a different textile bed sheet will give the room a remarkably interesting effect.  

For testing the color co-ordination, you can first take a few small pieces of linen and mix and match them. Once you got the combination of your choice then you can take it for your room bed sheets. A cheaper yet interesting idea for a new look of your room.

Download wall art for free

If you cannot afford expensive art for your wall do not need to worry. Buy a cheap affordable frame and download an image of your choice from the internet. There are a variety of free colorful images, historic or vintage images available on Pinterest and Google.  

If you want your wall to be more attractive, frame the pictures you took during travel, it will be your travel-inspired wall. How interesting and the pocket-friendly idea it is.  

Decorate your living room with throw pillows

Giving an instant makeover to your living room, decorate it with throw pillows of different bright colors. You can find less then 10 dollar per pillow cover in the market. It is an inexpensive way to give a fresh and lively look to your living room. Like the mix and match bed cover idea, you can also take mix and match throw pillows with a combination of bright colors and sizes.  

Your side table does not have to be a table

Back in 2016, the side table must be a table in brown or white color, it comes with a set of your furniture but in 2020 the trend is completely changed. Your side table does not have to be an overpriced brown boxy thing. It can be anything funky. You can use a cylinder, a repurposed ladder, or a chair! This will give a hipster and stylish look to your room in your budget

I hope this article helped you to get a cool funky pocket-friendly home decoration idea of 2020. Tell in comments if this article is helpful for you, also visit our website www.pickproducts.in for different topic related articles.  

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