5 Hair Smoothing Brands Loved by Professionals in India 

Straight and smooth hair has been immensely trendy for the past decade. Even though curly hair looks gorgeous, many people have a difficult time maintaining it. They prefer to change the texture of their hair to straight to maintain and manage it easily. That is why they are always in search of the best hair smoothing products. Especially in India, due to extreme pollution and varying climate, finding the best hair treatment product is always challenging.

Now, permanently straightening your hair is undoubtedly an option, but the process undoubtedly has some damaging effects. But do not panic; some hair smoothing brands in India will keep your hair safe from the straightening or smoothing process. This blog will discuss the top five brands that professional stylists always prefer for treating Indian hair. 

Top Hair Smoothing Brands in India for Perfect Hair 

The brands mentioned in the following part of the blog are pretty well-renowned for various hair products. So, it is not shocking that they are pretty great for hair smoothing too. 


Matrix’s name always comes up among professionals when it comes to the best hair smoothing brand in India. This US-based product has been in existence since 1980. Since its inception, this company has always kept in mind the hair quality of every type of user. Be it dry, normal, frizzy, or oily, and Matrix has the solution for everyone. 

Among all the hair smoothing products offered by them, the Total Results Sleek Blow Down Leave-In Cream and New Opti Straight Cream are pretty popular among hairstylists in India. These creams by Matrix are perfect for the Indian climate, and they work wonderfully on Indian hair. In case you are confused about hair treatment, you can believe in Matrix without any hesitation. 


Among all the brands provided in the list, Lorea’l is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones in India. This French company has been famous ever since its inception in the 1900s. Apart from hair care products, Lorea’l is exceptionally popular for its high-quality makeup products as well. This brand is so trusted in India that some salons in the country sell products of no other brand than Lorea’l. 

Lorea’l is one of India’s first hair smoothing brands that offered products for all types of hair. Some of the popular straightening and smoothing creams by the brand include Lorea’l Paris Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Frizz Vanisher Cream, Lorea’l Studio Line Silk Hot, and Sleek Straightening Cream, and others. No matter how difficult your hair is to manage, Lorea’l will undoubtedly find the perfect solution. 


If you have ever researched about top hair smoothing products, Schwarzkopf’s name must have certainly come up. This company has been part of Henkel, the renowned German brand, since 1995. But it has its origin in the 1900s. So, technically Schwarzkopf is one of the oldest hair care brands in the world. Even though this brand was not that famous a few years back in India, it is becoming one of the most favorite brands among hairstylists in India. 

 One of the main reasons behind this brand’s popularity is its price. You can quickly treat your hair at an affordable cost by using Schwarzkopf products. The Schwarzkopf Professional Glatt kit is immensely famous among professionals in India. 


Tresemme has become a household name in India for several years now due to its affordable and high-quality service. But did you know this US-based company was launched in 1947? For the past 74 years, this brand has been making people’s hair exceedingly better through its world-class products. That is why so many Indian hair stylists trust this brand when it comes to hair smoothing or straightening. 

The company allows every type of hair to be fantastic through its hair treatment range. Among all of its hair care products, the Anti-Frizz Secret Smoothing Crème is the most popular in India. 

Marc Anthony 

Among all the hair smoothing brands famous in India, Marc Anthony is undoubtedly one of the most prominent ones. This company is famous for its Keratin treatment. Not only among professionals but also general users to this brand is a blessing. The 30-Day No Frizz Keratin smoothing treatment by this brand makes hair treatment so easy. 

The other hair straightening products of Marc Anthony that Indian stylists prefer to include Mark Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil Crème, Marc Anthony Coconut Oil Crème, and others. 


Several other hair smoothing brands are available in India, but the ones mentioned in this blog are certainly the top five. Right now, most professional hairstylists prefer to use them due to their versatility and safety. 


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