We really love our kitchen gardens or terrace gardens but these days indoor gardens are very popular.

Bill Wolverton an American scientist invented the air-purifying theory and tested few plants which were really helpful to clean the air of our surroundings. Isn’t it amazing?

Here are a few easy to grow Indoor Plants indoor plants that are best for air purification and can be effortlessly grown at home in small pots.

ZZ plant:

ZZ plant doesn’t need much care, in fact, it doesn’t need water frequently. Watering it twice a month is also good for it. You can easily keep it inside the gallery balcony. It needs to stay away from direct sunlight. You can keep it in the room at your desk as well. It’s really efficient to absorb pollutants that are generated from crude oil.

Rubber Plants: 

There are two types of rubber plants available in India. You might have mostly seen the burgundy color rubber plants which are quite common and the other one is variegated kind. It needs the soil moist every time. It doesn’t need much water but the moisture needs to be there in the soil. You can keep this plant in your living room. It adds some height so you need a stick to give it little support. This plant also shouldn’t place directly under the sunlight. It is known for removing pollutants like formaldehyde from the air. Such chemicals are mostly found in paints, detergent or crude oil etc.

Fiddle leaf fig: 

This plant comes with broader leaves which looks really beautiful. It’s known for reducing humidity along with air pollutants. So if there is a spot in your house that may have some fungal problems so you can grow in that corner. If anyone in our home has some breathing problem then it may be helpful. It needs bright place so you can place it near the window, It shouldn’t be in the dark place so either direct or indirect sunlight will work for it.

Areca palm: 

This indoor plant is available in various sizes so whatever size you like for your Areca palm you can get it. You shouldn’t keep it in direct sunlight. It also needs moist soil so every 3-4 days you can water it. It’s very efficient in removing benzene and formaldehyde which are known for creating short term to long term immunity problems.

Monstera Adansonii:

This plant is also available in so many varieties. It looks really beautiful because of it’s growing with cut leaves naturally. It needs a bright area of the home where it can grow and also need moist soil. This is also efficient in removing formaldehyde from the air.

Most of the time people bring their favorite plants from the nursery or online and immediately put them into new pots and this way they give a sudden environment change to the plants. Plants may take some time to adapt to the new environmental conditions. So instead of putting them in a pot immediately better is to keep them in the same plastic bag for some time then place in the new pots.  Happy gardening!!

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