COVID-19 or coronavirus which is also popular with its controversial name Chinese virus has changed everyone’s lives around the world. Almost every country is suffering from this virus’s effect. There are so many stories that this started from Wuhan’s lab or started from Bats, etc. but there is another story that was spread all over the world deliberately. And as per few reports shown on news channels it is also believed that it was well planned to monetize this moment. 

But the question is why did they do it with everyone including their people? 

The answer is they need more power in the world, more control over the countries, and they want to rule the world. Question is how dare they think about it? and the answer is very simple. They know our need and they know we don’t fulfill and we will be dependant on them. A big reason is that in our democracy everyone can stand against anything and they have a right to do so even if they are against good things though. China knows it very well that our politics will never let us rise and in the meantime they will achieve what they want to. But they don’t know that Indians never let others win.  

Because of Coronavirus lives are devastated. Companies have started layoffs, small factories are not giving work to laborers, demand has drastically reduced for many items because of closed markets, new products are not being produced because of fewer workers or no workers available. 

A small virus has affected our lives badly and china is seeing it and think about it if they do this again with some other virus. As per reports they have around 1500 more viruses. How do they survive and others are not? It just has arranged everything already before it started but we didn’t. We can stop this for the future by destroying their source of funding options. I know it’s very easy to say “Stop Using Chinese Products” but at least the Chinese products which are avoidable we can stop buying them. If we have already bought then no need to throw it out but just don’t buy it anymore and give preference to Indian products. 

Many manufacturing units must be thinking of moving to other countries like India because of the cheap labor and there are many industrialists in India also who should think about planning something similar to boost the Indian economy. Every country grows because of its resources. In India we have labor, talent, technology, and good governance right now. India must think about it now or countries like china will come back and destroy us like anything and it will be because we might be helping them directly or indirectly now.

COVID -19 situation may go away in a month or two but can we say that it will never happen again. We really need to think about working together and helping each other. 

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