Covid-19 left a huge effect on people’s life because of the lockdown in the country.  Because of the lockdown, almost all the sectors suffered losses, but everyone will agree that today we are safe because of the lockdown only. 

There are few effects we see now in our daily routine, some are bad and some are very bad.

Price Hike:

The worst thing is inflation. Because of the lockdown, all the sectors went through a terrible time, but now they are recovering those losses by increasing the prices of their products. Despite knowing that many people lost their jobs, businesses, professions. 

For example, transportation was down so the autorickshaw drivers were forced to sell vegetables but can everyone sell vegetables or groceries? 

There was no choice so people did whatever they could do to survive.  Like working in mask factories, PPE kit factories, Home deliveries, sanitizers, and deep cleaning product manufacturing, etc.






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