When we talk about mosquitoes repellents we have so many chemical mosquito repellents in our mind but Do you know that there are few plants which are the best natural mosquito repellents? Indoor plants are known for many great properties as pollution absorber, air freshener, humidity absorber, etc. but there is one more property that we should talk about is that few plants keep the mosquitos away from your house. Read More…

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5 Best Home Decor Ideas 2020

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Top Brands Who Sell Pet Food

Your pets are your family’s important and inseparable part, and therefore when it comes to their diet, you want nothing but the best food...

Why Products Reviews Are Important?

A product review helps a buyer to take correct and instant decision about any product or a brand.  Sometimes buyers just get attracted to a product by it’s looks or design or extra features promoted by a brand but when they get to know from someone who is actually using it and find it of no use. This is why a product reviews are very important.

Wireless charger for iPhone and Android phones

Philips DLP9041 Wireless Charging Pad (Green)

Phillips DLP9041 is state of the art wireless charging pad which works upon the principle of inductive charging. This wireless charging pad has bigger surface area hence the space for accommodating the mobile phone is more. Dlp9041 is compatible with qi-enabled smartphones. Rubbery surface with green coloured rim.

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