Indoor plants are known for many great properties as pollution absorber, air freshener, humidity absorber, etc. but there is one more property that we should talk about is that few plants keep the mosquitos away from your house. 

We need to understand first what attracts the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted mostly to all kinds of flowers to feed on the jews which are known as Nectar but there are many plants that repel them as well.

Here are few easy to be available plants which can be grown at home to keep the mosquitos away from home. 


Marigold is easily available in almost all plant lover’s home but many of them don’t know that this flower has a mosquito repeller property. This flower has a unique chemical substance in it which is called pirates room whose unique aroma keeps away the mosquitos. It releases this chemical and it diffuses into the air and it stops various kinds of mosquitoes like Anopheles and Aedes mosquito etc. 

Marigold - A mosquito repellent plant
Tulsi - A Mosquito repeller plant

Tulsi or Holy Basil

This plant is also very common in Indian houses because of religious reasons but this plant is also a great mosquito repeller. Tulsi leaves have this chemical called tarragon which is also volatile and it emits into the air easily and we all know the smell of Tulsi.

Mint (Mentha)

Mint leaves are also known for great mosquitoes and insect repellent properties. Mints have mentha which has the aromatic property so if you crush mint leaves and rub it on your skin then it will keep you away from insects and mosquitos as well. It can be easily grown in a pot. 

Mint - A mosquito repeller indoor plant
Lemon Grass - A mosquito repeller indoor plant

Lemon Grass

Another indoor plant is Lemon Grass which has the lemony smell which is also known for its great mosquito repellent property.  It can easily be grown indoor and has many health benefits as well. Drinking lemon grass tea is full of health benefits like Good for Digestion, Full of antioxidants, Regulates High Blood Pressure, Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat. Good for Skin and Hair, Heals Cold and Flu and many more..

Note: It’s suggested to keep these plants around the entry points like windows door and balcony areas.

Another thing that attracts mosquitoes is the stagnation of water in the plants. so we suggest that you avoid the stagnation of water in the pots and empty the drainage plates and keep the pots covered with pebbles stones or keep the dry soil plants like snake plants, money plants, etc. 

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